World Cup 2010 Diary Part Two

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
* Argentina vs. Germany
– Another blockbuster match, as both sides are aiming to win. I’m rooting for Argentina, definitely. The Germans are formidable, indeed, after that drubbing of England, but they have been inconsistent, somewhat on-off, on-off with their games. They were “on” against England, I hope they will be “off” against Argentina.

* Ghana beats USA, 2-1
– I was really hoping the USA would advance at least one more round, but that was not to be.
– There really is a problem with the USA’s defenses, as they have been giving up early goals to their opponents all throughout their matches. Their offense is okay, but that defense is something they really need to work on.
– You don’t see much in team sports where a poor country like Ghana gets to kick out the most powerful country in the world out of the World Cup not once, but twice in a row now.

* Germany beats England, 4-1
– I was anticipating a close match between those two, but Germany came and practically swept the English off the field.
– And now its official: Wayne Rooney is one of the biggest flops in this World Cup.

Sunday, July 4, 2010
* Germany beats Argentina, 4-0
– I knew Germany was good, but a 4-0 drubbing of Argentina? Wow. Now all both of my bets are out of the World Cup contention, the USA, and Argentina.
– No other team has been beating their opponents as impressively as Germany. They have scored 4 goals in a game for at least three games now. They definitely are the favorites.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
* Netherlands beats Uruguay, 3-2
– Refused to read any World Cup news before watching the Netherlands vs. Uruguay game on Studio 23 this morning, and it was truly a WC level game, at least before Uruguay conceded two goals within three minutes of each other in the second half.
– The Dutch celebrated a little bit too early, and the game got more exciting after Uruguay scored another goal with only two minutes remaining in the game.
– I wonder why Studio 23 doesn’t show the remaining time on the top of the screen like in other countries during the games.

* Studio 23 will be airing the Germany vs. Spain match LIVE tomorrow (Thursday, July 8, 2010) morning at 2:00 am. Thank you, Studio 23.

Thursday, July 8, 2010
* Spain beats Germany, 1-0
– Spain looked calm and calculating early in the match, great passing plays, and dominated possession. They looked very impressive early in the game. The Spanish gameplan seemed to be to simply keep the prolific Germans from possession of the ball as much as possible.
– A fan in blue shirt was seen running unauthorized into the field early in the match, before being led away by two security men in black.
– Spain just wasn’t hogging the ball, they were getting good shots at the goal, too. When they scored their only goal on the 73rd minute, I sort of knew they would win the game, as Germany just wasn’t taking many good shots at the goal. And when they did, the Spanish defense and Casillas was there to thwart it.
– It was odd to see the mighty German team humbled in this game, but the Spaniards deserve to be in the finals. They were the better team, with the better strategy, and better execution.
– Well, “Paul The Psychic Octopus”, the new “Oracle” was spot on. Again.

Monday, July 12, 2010
* Spain beats Netherlands, 1-0
– Lots of play acting, especially on the Spanish side. A physical play, and they end up on the ground clutching their thigh / knee / shin / ankle / foot. The Spaniards started it all, and the Dutch just followed suit, though they didn’t get as many calls as the Spaniards.
– The play acting by the Spaniards I think was part of their general strategy. The Dutch tended to play rough, and all that play acting was to highlight that part of the Dutch game. And it paid off. The Dutch got a LOT of yellow cards, and even had a player sent off from the field in the second extension. With the Dutch down to ten men, it was then that Spain scored the only goal of the game.
– Puyol again had a nice header off a corner kick, just like in that game against Germany, but this one didn’t go in. Must be the bushy-pubic-hair-on-top hairstyle.
– Spain covered Robben very well in this game, there were always at least two or three defenders on him whenever he went on one of his famous attacks on the right side.
– Navas really looked impressive out there. He is fast, light-footed, and a terrific ball handler and passer. A worthy substitute for Pedro, creating a lot of scoring opportunities for his team.
– Villa missed quite a lot of shots in this game. Spain had most of the possession and attempts, but credit the Dutch defense for making it so hard for the Spaniards to score.
– The second straight World Cup final to go into second extension, with so much at stake that both teams defending the goal with their life. On the other hand, about a dozen offside calls in the game for both sides. I think this is a good time to finally review that offside rule.
– Iniesta botched two good attempts before finally scoring the winning goal of the match in the 116th minute.
– And Paul the Octopus is right again!!! That Octopus really is something else. I think its life is in danger, though. Some overly superstitious nut might try to kill and eat it in the hopes of gettings its psychic powers …


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