My 2011 PFF Smart Club Championship Diary Part Two

‘Day Three – Saturday, August 13, 2011’
* Leyte Laos FC (9) – Iligan Ba-o Breakers (0)
– Well, the Ba-o Breakers have NOT scored in any of their three games in this PFF Smart Club Quarterfinals. On top of that, they have conceded a total of twenty four goals in three games, averaging eight conceded goals per game.

* NCR Pachanga FC (9) – Baguio Goshenland FC (1)
– The only difference between Baguio Goshenland FC and the Iligan Ba-o Breakers, is the fact that Baguio has at least scored a couple of goals in this tournament, whereas the Breakers haven not.
– Goalscorers: Pachanga – Mario Clarino (21′, 73′, 87′), Alex Obiang (23′, 30′, 67′), Chester Sobremesana (13′), Edward Mallari (38′), Shermar Felongco (84′); Goshenland – Farah Mohamad (26′)

* Iloilo Smart Stallion FC (3) – Davao Columbia FC (0)
– This is a big upset, as I thought Davao was favored over the other teams, having beaten NCR Pachanga FC (1-0), and in turn Pachanga won over the Stallions (2-0). So this is a major upset for the Ilonggos. But its not a surprise for them to score such an upset since they are playing on their home pitch.
– Goalscorers: Ruben Doctora (27′), Lee Joo Young (62′), Jimmy Vergara (90′)

* Rizal San Beda FC (2) – NCR Teknika FC (2)
– Quite an exciting match, as expected between two strong teams, with each team scoring a goal each at each half. San Beda ended up as the chasing team all throughout the match, with Teknika scoring the opening goal before San Beda equalized at the half. Teknika pulled ahead again in the second half, before San Beda equalized again near the end of the game.
– Azkal Misagh Bahadoran finally made his presence felt by scoring his first goal in this quarterfinals.
– Interesting to note also that Teknika’s two usually prolific imports were shut out in this game by San Beda’s defense. Arye and El-Habbib combined for eleven goals in the two games prior to this game.
– Goalscorers: Teknika – Misagh Bahadoran (17′), Aaron Altiche (50′); San Beda – Phil Younghusband (37′), Jeremias Jao (83′)

‘Quarter Finals Wrap Up’
The last day of the Quarterfinals of the Tournament has been quite exciting, with upsets, close, dramatic games, and heartbreaks.

The Heartbreak kid for this tournament definitely would be the Davao Columbia FC. They came into the last day of the quarterfinals with two wins, and seemed ready to barge into the semifinals.

However, an upset win by the home team Iloilo Smart Stallions FC on the last day resulted in a three-way tie of teams with two wins and one loss, which eventually was resolved by using the goal difference. And therein lay Davao’s downfall: They just didn’t score enough goals. Pachanga and the Stallions, for example, beat Goshenland by nine or more goals, while Davao could only muster two against that same team.

I myself was surprised the tournament did not use the winner-over-the-other rule to settle the ties, and instead went to the goal difference. If they did, Davao would’ve moved on the semifinals. But then again, using goal difference would encourage teams to score as many goals as possible, which makes for more exciting games, hence I’m not complaining too much.

The semifinals format seems to be a crossover match, meaning teams from Group A will meet with teams in Group B.

Technically there are three NCR teams and one provincial team in Iloilo in the semifinals, but NCR Pachanga FC has players and the coaching staff identified more with Bacolod, so you could say that Bacolod is represented in this tournament indirectly, and that Pachanga is also indirectly a provincial team.

Its going to be an exciting semifinals, between four strong teams who will be meeting each other for the first time in this tournament. But again, I think its going to be an all-NCR finals between Rizal San Beda FC and NCR Teknika FC.

Print media coverage for the quarterfinals was consistently delayed by two days, I hope that changes in the semifinals, partly because it will be held in Manila.

(List is only partial, as I estimate it lacks around 11 goals due to no information from the media on the goalscorers)

Six Goals
– Ruben Doctora (Stallions)

Five Goals
– Izzeldin El Habbib (Teknika)

Four Goals
– Aye Arye Nil (Teknika)
– Alex Obiang (Pachanga)

Three Goals
– James Younghusband (San Beda)
– Mario Clarino (Pachanga)

Two Goals
– Nur Mentang (Columbia)
– Phil Younghusband (San Beda)
– Shermar Felongco (Pachanga)
– Farah Mohamad (Goshenland)
– Lee Joo Young (Stallions)
– Jimmy Vergara (Stallions)

One Goal
– Vaughn Melendrez (San Beda)
– Eliezer Fabroada (San Beda)
– Ange Tressor Guizo (Laos)
– Papiniano Macayanan III (Laos)
– Glen Bolaquina (Columbia)
– David Fornea (San Beda)
– Bervic Italia (Stallions)
– Francis Gustilo (Stallions)
– Anton Albor (Stallions)
– Homer Alinsog (Goshenland)
– Aris Bocalan (Goshenland)
– Aaron Altiche (Teknika)
– Jeremias Jao (San Beda)
– Misagh Bahadoran (Teknika)
– Chester Sobremesana (Pachanga)
– Edward Mallari (Pachanga)

Hat Tricks or more in the Tournament
– James Younghusband (San Beda)
– Ruben Doctora (Stallions)
– Izzeldin El Habbib (Teknika)
– Aye Arye Nil (Teknika)
– Mario Clarino (Pachanga)
– Alex Obiang (Pachanga)


Team W – D – L


Rizal San Beda FC 2 – 1 – 0

NCR Teknika FC 1 – 2 – 0

Leyte Laos FC 1 – 1 – 1

Iligan Ba-o Breakers 0 – 0 – 3


Davao Columbia FC 2 – 0 – 1

NCR Pachanga FC 2 – 0 – 1

Iloilo Smart Stallions FC 2 – 0 – 1

Baguio Goshenland FC 0 – 0 – 3



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