Azkals vs. Global FC, September 21, 2011

Below are my notes for the game between the Azkals and Global FC as shown on delayed telecast on AKTV (Channel 13) on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 during the “I Can Serve” Invitational Games.

‘First Half’
Beautiful backpass by Mark Hartmann to Phil Younghusband (no. 10) for a quick goal for the Azkals on the fourth minute of the game.

William Gueridon (no. 16), an Azkals aspirant, giving the Azkals some problems on the left flank, along with Misagh Bahadoran (no. 13), who’s an Azkal but is playing for Global FC in this game.

Mark Hartmann and PYH seem to be complementing each other very well. After an assist from Mark, PYH tried to return the favor to Mark that resulted in a shot on goal.

PYH scores another goal on a mistake by Goalkeeper Paolo Pascual on the 29th minute. Paolo does have the tendency to meet the ball too early, a gamble that he lost this time around against PYH.

Guiridon probably thinks he’s Neymar, as he is sporting a similar hairdo with that upcoming Brazilian Striker.

New Azkal prospect Carli De Murga (no. 14) plays usually as defender for his Spanish club, if I am not mistaken, but he is more of an attacking midfielder here in this game with the Azkals. On the other hand, midfielder James Younghusband (no. 7) is being used as a defender.

Misagh finally scores a goal for Global on the 43rd minute during another of his runs.

The stands doesn’t seem to be even half-full, though. Not too many people watching the games, which is too bad.

I like the way Jason Webb and Anthony Suntay is doing in this game, as opposed by that crap they came up with on the first game. They are making more individual and game observations relevant to the game. They should strive to keep improving, though, as they still have problems recognizing the players.

‘Second Half’
AKTV is still using 0-45 minutes for the second half. They gotta change that, the rest of the world is using 46-90 minutes.

Fantastic shot by Izzeldin El-Habbib (no. 10) on the 52nd minute from an assist by Neymar, er, I mean William Gueridon. The equalizing shot came from well beyond the box, and caught Azkal Goalkeeper Ed Sacapano off guard because it came from so far away.

Great play by Sacapano, saving an attempt off a run by Misagh. The ball bounced off to El-Habbib, who again took another shot that was again saved by Ed. That play almost made up for the two goals Ed conceded in this game.

Misagh showed a lot of stamina all game long, very active on both ends of the pitch. He eventually succumbed to cramps, though, midway to the second half.

Jerry Barbaso (no. 63), easy to track down with that ponytail of his, has been playing excellent defense, time and again challenging players on offense and succeeding. With the aging Azkals backline, perhaps he can be considered again for the main team. I remember he used to be an Azkals aspirant.

Beautiful header by Ian Araneta (no. 23) off a cross by number 11 on the 85th minute of the game. I wonder who number 11 is? They don’t have names on those damn jerseys.

Despite being off form, PYH had two opportunities to score a hat-trick, but missed both of them.

‘Game Wrap Up’
Much improved commentary from Jason and Anthony. They need to keep it up, I feel this is the type of commentary they should be doing for all Football games from hereon.

Good, entertaining “friendly” game for both teams. Good number of goals, lots of exciting shots on goal. Also a good opportunity to get a good look at the other players, although the name players shone the best in this game.

The UFL should consider putting names on the back of the jerseys during the regular season. Remember that most of these players are not familiar to most Filipinos, who would likely be following their first local competitions. It would go a long way to help these new fans to know more about the players.

I’m not impressed with the crowd at the Rizal Memorial in this game day. If this keeps up on the coming weekend games, the Azkals and the UFL might consider moving back to the University of Makati for future venues, as they seem to be getting better crowd support there.


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