The UFL: Crowning Day Tuesday

The champion of the United Football League (UFL) 2011-2012 League season will be crowned on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, and the race is down to two teams: Global FC and Kaya FC. First, let’s take a look at the total points for each team heading into the Tuesday matches:
– Global FC = 41 points
– Kaya FC = 39 points

Each of these teams only have one game left in the league season, and both will see action on Tuesday. Here are their schedules:
– 6:00 pm: Penson Stallion Gilligan’s vs. Kaya FC at the Rizal Memorial Stadium
– 8:00 pm: Loyola Meralco Sparks vs. Global FC also at the Rizal Memorial Stadium

I am outlining below the scenarios that could happen for each team.

‘Kaya FC’
Kaya FC Win: This gives them 42 points maximum. They will then hope that Global FC loses to the Loyola Meralco Sparks FC. If Global FC wins, then they will get the title. But even if Global just draws their game against Loyola, they will still win the league title because that will give them 42 points also, the same as Kaya, so the champion will be determined via the Goal Difference. But Global has a huge, insurmountable 20 goal difference advantage over Kaya as of right now, so that means they will still win the title over Kaya.

Kaya FC Draw: This gives them only 40 points maximum. This means Kaya FC will officially lose the league title. Even if Global loses to Loyola, Global will still have 41 points, higher than Kaya and thus giving them the championship.

Kaya FC Loss: This gives them only 39 points maximum, with no hope whatsoever of winning that championship.

‘Global FC’
Global FC Win: This gives them 44 points maximum, way over the maximum 42 points that Kaya FC can win. They automatically win the championship.

Global FC Win: This gives them 42 points maximum. They will have the same number of points as Kaya at 42 points if Kaya wins over Stallions. However, their 20 goal difference advantage over Kaya FC is basically insurmountable with only one game left for Kaya, hence Global will also win the league title.

Global FC Loss: This gives them 41 points maximum. If Kaya wins their last game against the Stallions, then Global will lose the title to Kaya. If Kaya does NOT win their last game, meaning either a Draw or a Loss, then Global will win the title.

Global FC definitely has the inside track of winning the league title, as they only have to either Win or Draw to get it. But the Loyola Sparks is a tough opponent, especially after an embarassing Loss and Draw in their last two games, so they are looking to end their UFL season with a bang. They also want to head into the Singapore Cup with their morale and reputation intact. The ball is in the hands now of Global, can they stand the pressure of winning or drawing the game against a tough opponent?

Kaya FC on the other hand, can only control 50% of their fate. First, they have to win against the Stallions. But the Stallions is a very dangerous opponent, with a superb ground game that is the exact opposite of the more individualistic play by Kaya FC. Anything less than win will put the crown beyond their reach.

But even if they win, they will have to hope that Global loses to Loyola to clinch the crown. Anything more than a loss by Global, meaning a Draw or a Win will knock the title away from Kaya’s hands.


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