United Football League Roundup – May 7, 2013

Here are the current standings in the United Football League (UFL) as of Tuesday, May 7, 2013:

UFL Standings as of May 7, 2013
UFL Standings as of May 7, 2013

‘Main Division’
The top 3 teams last week also picked up wins last week, hence the standings this week still remains the same with Stallions FC, Global FC and the Loyola Meralco Sparks FC at the top of the league. The big difference between these 3 teams now, though, is that the Goal Difference (GD) between them has shrunk down considerably.

Last week, Loyola had a 4 goal lead over its nearest rival Global in terms of GD, but this week that has been reduced to only 1 goal, and with Stallions only 3 goals behind Loyola. This means the race for the league title is tightening. Whichever team trips in their remaining 6 games could bow out of title contention.

Meanwhile, Pachanga has overtaken Kaya in 4th place. Both teams are likely out of contention already, with them at least 10 points behind the top 3 teams.

‘Relegation and Promotion Battle’
In the battle for relegation, Philippine Army FC is still at the bottom with only 1 win and 4 points to its name, with Philippine Air Force FC next with only 2 wins and 6 points in the league. Army also has the worst Goal Difference at minus 32. They need to pick up a win soon to at least have a chance of not being relegated outright.

Army actually scored more goals than Air Force this season (11 to 7), but they also gave up a lot more goals (43 to 37), hence the worst Goal Difference. Army is actually a lot more entertaining to watch since they at least scores goals even if they are losing, I hope they don’t get relegated.

In Division 2, Team Socceroo has the best chance right now for promotion to Division 1 next season by staying on top of its division with 10 straight wins. That lead is not secure with still 8 games to go this season, still enough time for the other teams to catch up.

In 2nd place is Agila FC with 7 wins, but also with 4 losses. They have a chance at promotion via the playoff against the 2nd worst placer in Division 1 next season if they stay in 2nd place until the end of the season, but the way they are playing, I don’t think their chances are good.


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