United Football League Roundup – May 20, 2013

Here are the current standings in the United Football League (UFL) as of Monday, May 20, 2013:

‘League Leaders’
Major shakeup among the top 3 teams vying for the crown as Loyola Meralco Sparks FC (LMSFC) is the first to falter when it lost to Kaya FC. Kaya is already out of the race for the league title and is now just playing the spoiler for the top 3 teams.

With that loss, Stallions FC get a comfortable 7-point or at least 3-win lead over LMSFC. Global is 5-points or 2-wins behind Stallions but has the advantage of having slightly more games to play than Stallions or LMSFC due to their participation in the AFC President’s Cup which caused them to have a short layoff from the United Football League (UFL) games.

Only 4 games left for LMSFC and Stallions, and only 5 games left for Global FC until the end of the season, hence these last 4-5 games are very important for these top 3 teams.

Goal Difference remains tight for these 3 teams, with only 4 goals separating the best from the worst of these 3. If this keeps up, then aside from wins, Global and LMSFC still has a shot of winning the title thru this if all top 3 teams end up in a tie in terms of points.

‘Relegation Battle’
In the Division 1 Relegation Battle, Green Archers United FC (GAUFC) pulls away from the Relegation Zone due to their win over Philippine Army (PAFC) last week, and the slumping game of Nomads FC, who has lost quite a number of games lately.

They are now comfortably at least 8-points or 3-wins ahead of the last 2 teams in the league. The hard-luck Nomads team, on the other hand, takes GAUFC’s place as the 3rd place from the last team, although they do have a 6-points or 2 win lead over the 2nd to the last place team.

The two armed forces teams are still at the bottom of the league, and now it seems the question is which team will be outrightly relegated, and which team will have at least a playoff to keep from being relegated? A very close fight as only 2 points separate both teams, and also only 2 goals separate them in terms of Goal Difference.

‘Promotion Battle’
Team Socceroo FC continues to pull away from the pack on top of Division 2, with 12-points or 4-wins ahead of the second placed team. It seems we will indeed see them in Division 1 next season.

Agila FC is the 2nd placed team in Division 2, and they are currently in a tight-battle with Union Internacional Manila FC with only 3-points or 1-win separating them. Whoever secures 2nd place at the end of the season will at least have the opportunity of a playoff for a shot at joining Division 1.

‘Division 1 Goal Scorers’
Rufo Sanchez and Phil Younghusband are in a tight battle for the top Goal Scorer in the league this season, with only 1 goal separating the two. Rufo has 16 goals, while Phil has 15. Emmanual Mbata and Mark Hartmann has 11 goals apiece, while Izzeldin Elhabbib and Jeong Woo Lee has 10 goals apiece to round out the scorers with double-figure goal scores in the league thus far.


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