United Football League Roundup – June 3, 2013

Here are the current standings in the United Football League (UFL) as of Monday, June 3, 2013:
UFL Standings_cr

Also below is my “Crystal Ball”, which shows the calculated minimum and maximum points the teams can score based on their remaining games. These also predict statistically the possible places the teams can make.
Crystal Ball_cr

‘League Leaders’
After the Loyola Meralco Spark’s Draw with Green Archers United this week, the statistically bow out of the title race as it mean they could not catch up with Stallions even if they win all of their remaining games, and Stallions lose there.

About the only good news for Loyola is that they are at least assured of 3rd place as none of the other teams below the top 3 can catch up with them anymore. They also still have a chance for a Draw with Global for 2nd place.

Global’s win over Stallions this week meant that they effectively pulled out Stallions’ leg out of the door for the league title, and at put in their own leg into that door. With that defeat, Stallions can only score a maximum of 48 points in their remaining games, while Global can win a maximum of 49 points in their remaining games.

The battle for the league title remains tight between these two teams, with Global only has 3 games remaining against Loyola, Kaya and Army respectively, while Stallions only has 2 games left against Nomads and Loyola. Both teams will have to hurdle Loyola, while Global additionally has to beat Kaya also in their path to the league title.

‘Middle of the Pack’
Kaya and Pachanga are locked in a battle for 4th and 5th place, and statistically these 2 teams are beyond the reach anymore of the other teams below them in the UFL. So for them it is only a matter of pride to finish as high as they can be. A great achievement for Pachanga who was just promoted this year, and yet is already assured of at least a 5th place finish in their maiden season in the UFL’s Division 1.

The Green Archers United and PSG are themselves on a tight battle for 6th and 7th place, with the Green Archers only a win ahead of PSG. Statistically both teams are assured of at least 9th place with their remaining games.

‘Relegation Battle’
With their loss to Pachanga this week, Philippine Air Force statistically put themselves permanently in the Relegation Zone. Even if they win all of their games, they will not be able to get out of the zone as the other teams just has too much points. They still have a chance of not being relegated outright if they finish in 9th place, so now their fate is either outright relegation, or playoff relegation.

On the other hand, Philippine Army’s shocking win over Nomads gives them a solid chance of getting out of the Relegation Zone if they can win their remaining games. PSG and Nomads are statistically not out of danger from the Relegation as they could still end up as the team who will be doing end up doing a playoff for relegation. In particular danger is Nomads, who has been in a free-fall lately and has not won in the last couple of weeks. Nomads had a strong start defying projections of them being a relegation team, but seems to be fading now and could still end up with that fate.

‘Promotion Battle’
With Team Socceroo winning the Division 2 title and assured of Promotion next season, the battle for the 2nd Promotion Playoff spot between Union Internacional and Agila remains tight. Union has the edge as they can score more points in their remaining games, but Agila still has a chance at statistically catching up with Union. However, Union did maintain its commanding 9-goal advantage in Goal Difference over Agila, hence Union at this point does have one foot in that Promotion Playoff spot.

‘Golden Boot Award’

Phil Younghusband finally caught up with Rufo Sanchez as they are now tied for the top Goalscorer of the season with 16 apiece. Izzo El-Habbib also caught up with Mark Hartmann as they are now both tied at 12 goals apiece, 4 goals behind the leaders. Emmanuel Mbata and Jeong Lee remain at 11 apiece to round out the double figure goalscorers so far in the league. Of special note though is Chieffy Caligdong, who is having a strong finishing season and is working his way to finishing in double figures this season in terms of goals with 9 goals so far.
UFL Goalscorers_cr


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