2016 AFF SUZUKI CUP: Azkals Post-Mortem, Offense and Defense

I just wanted to take a look at the Goals Statistics of the Azkals’ games in the 2016 Asian Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup and try to analyze how well they did both on Offense, and Defense. I am going to limit the data on the Goals only since it is the most important, game deciding factor anyway.

Below are the Goals data of all the six games that were played between the three teams in Group A during the Knockout Phase of the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup:

Singapore – Azkals, 0-0
Singapore – Thailand, 0-1
Singapore – Indonesia, 1-2
Indonesia – Azkals, 2-2
Indonesia – Thailand, 2-4
Azkals – Thailand, 0-1


  • Total Number of Goals Allowed – The Azkals allowed a total of three Goals in three games, which is worst than Singapore and Thailand who only allowed two Goals in the same number of games. In this metric, Indonesia was actually the worst after allowing seven Goals in three games.

  • Number of Games Where Opponents Scored Goals – In this metric, the Azkals allowed their opponents to score in two of its three games. This is the same number as Singapore and Indonesia. Thailand was the best, allowing only one opponent to score against them, which is Indonesia.

  • Defense Verdict – Based on the observations above, I would say that the Azkals are just average in terms of defense compared to the other teams. They are in the middle in terms of the Total Number of Goals Allowed, and the same as most teams in terms of the Number of Games Where Opponents Scored Goals.


  • Total Number of Goals Scored – The Azkals scored a total of two Goals in three games, which is better than Singapore who only scored one, but a lot worst than both Indonesia and Thailand who scored five and six Goals in total respectively.

  • Number of Games Where the Azkals Scored Goals – The Azkals scored in only one of three games, the same as Singapore. However, both Indonesia and Thailand scored in each and every one of the three games that they played.

  • Offense Verdict – Noticeably here there is a big gap in the number of Goals scored by the Azkals compared to that of Indonesia and Thailand. Both of those teams scored more than twice the Goals than the Azkals did. So while the Azkals were not the worst on offense (Singapore was the worst), they were still pretty bad off.

‘Parting Shot’
In the end I think the data showed how badly the Azkals played on offense. It’s ironic, for example, how Indonesia, the worst team in the group in terms of defense by allowing so many goals, still managed to go thru to the next round just because they scored a lot of Goals, and scored in all of their games.

Indonesia even had more Goals scored against them than the actual number of Goals that they themselves made!

Hence if the Azkals is to move forward in terms of development, it really needs to find a CONSISTENT and LASTING solution to that Goal-scoring problem.

I think Goal scoring would not have been a problem had Javier Patino and Daisuke Sato were with the team, but then again if a team can be disabled by the absence of just one or two players, then it’s not really that good anyway. A deeper offensive pool of players needs to be found.


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