Azkals vs. Global FC, September 21, 2011

Below are my notes for the game between the Azkals and Global FC as shown on delayed telecast on AKTV (Channel 13) on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 during the “I Can Serve” Invitational Games.

‘First Half’
Beautiful backpass by Mark Hartmann to Phil Younghusband (no. 10) for a quick goal for the Azkals on the fourth minute of the game.

William Gueridon (no. 16), an Azkals aspirant, giving the Azkals some problems on the left flank, along with Misagh Bahadoran (no. 13), who’s an Azkal but is playing for Global FC in this game.

Mark Hartmann and PYH seem to be complementing each other very well. After an assist from Mark, PYH tried to return the favor to Mark that resulted in a shot on goal.

PYH scores another goal on a mistake by Goalkeeper Paolo Pascual on the 29th minute. Paolo does have the tendency to meet the ball too early, a gamble that he lost this time around against PYH.
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Azkals vs. UFL All Stars, June 5, 2011

I decided to go over to the University of Makati as I thought it would be one of the few times I will get to see the Azkals play live. In terms of scheduling and ticketing issues, it will be almost impossible for me to see them live during the July 3, 2011 game against Sri Lanka at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Ticket was sold at the Gate 6 for P100, and I got to sit at the UFL side since all of the other areas in the stadium seemed full already. Attendance was fantastic, the stadium definitely was full for the game.

‘Oppressive Heat and Watching Outdoor Games’
I got to my seat around quarter to four in the afternoon, and the first thing I noticed when I sat down was the heat. The sun was beating down my back, and there was a good breeze. But whenever the breeze died down, you could feel it coming back. I was in T-Shirt and Jeans, but I immediately realized I should’ve dressed even more comfortably.

By quarter past four, though, the sun had gone down enough so the building behind me shielded me from it, and things started to cool down. So much so, that as the match progressed, it became cooler and cooler.

It all made me realize how different watching a Football game is from a Basketball game live. I’m used to watching local and international basketball games, and used to being cocooned in airconditioned goodness when watching games. So it sort of missed my mind that Football is an outdoor sport, while Basketball is an indoor sport.
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