Watching Football at the Emperador Stadium, January 16, 2014

After almost a year, I was able to watch another United Football League (UFL) game live at the Emperador Stadium on Thursday, January 16, 2014. The games on hand were between Philippine Army – General Trias FC and Team Socceroo FC, and then between Green Archers United FC and PSG FC. Here are my experience and observations on how it was like.

‘Getting There’
The first pleasant surprise I got when I reached McKinley Hill was the number of signs pointing to the Emperador Stadium. As soon as you start going down the Upper McKinley Road (the main road in the area), you immediately see a series of signs pointing to where the Emperador Stadium is. This is a sharp contrast to my previous experience last year wherein there were NO signs at all indicating the location of the stadium. So now even if it is your first time to go there, it is as easy as pie, just use your eyes to look for the signs, they are there, and follow the directions.

If I remember it right there are probably at least eight signs from the main road all the way to the stadium. I think if it were possible to lay bread crumbs along the road they probably would have, but these signs nevertheless do a FANTASTIC job of leading first timers to where the stadium us. Here is a sample of one of those signs:
Sign to Emperador
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Watching Football at the Emperador Stadium, February 14, 2013

NOTE: I have an updated blog about watching Football at the Empy, please follow this link if you want to read it: Watching Football at the Emperador Stadium, January 16, 2014. Thanks.

I finally got to watch the United Football League (UFL) games live at the newly opened Emperador Stadium on Thu., Feb. 14, 2013. The games on hand were between Stallions FC and PSG FC, and then between Global FC and Nomads FC. Here are my experience and observations on how it was like.

‘Getting There’
Unfortunately, the stadium itself is not an easy place to go to. There is only one road going to it, and it is not a major artery. I went there by Taxi, and once you get to the McKinley Hill area there are no signs visible on the main road on where it is. I reached the place by asking directions from the Security Guards, and I had to ask about two people about it before I got the idea where to go to. There are guides provided by the UFL and even on the Emperador Stadium website, but the guides will tell you more on how to get to McKinley Hill, and not necessarily show you exactly WHERE in McKinley Hill the stadium is.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, the first thing you have to remember in order to find it is to find a major landmark, which is the VENICE PIAZZA. It is the main mall area of that place, and you won’t miss it because there is a big letters in front visible from the main road that says its name. The Stadium is on an access road BEHIND the Venice Piazza. The name of the access road is CAMPUS AVENUE, and the stadium is at the END of this access road. As you approach the end of the road, it makes a 90-degree left turn, and when you make that turn you will be able to see the simple entrance to the Stadium.
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Watching Football at the RMS, January 19, 2013

I haven’t watched a Football game live in a long while, but I decided to watch one live recently, a game in the Smart-PFF National Club Championships, for a number of reasons. One was that I haven’t seen any Azkals or local Football game for about 3 weeks already. Second was that AKTV was not televising these games, and these were very good, highly-touted quality games. Third was that, seeing how the UFL games were only averaging a couple of hundred people per game in terms of live attendance, I wanted to do my part as a Football fan in terms of attending the games. Below are some of my experiences and observations.

‘Free Admission and Game Attendance’
Admission is FREE, meaning you just walk right in past the Security Guards. This is good, as it keeps my costs in terms of watching the games low. HOWEVER, the free admission also pulls in unsavory characters, like Street Children. I don’t mind having these children watch the games as long as they behave, and are really interested in the games, but they are not. They were noisy and horsing around most of the time, even throwing slippers at each other.

There was a Security Guard that kept admonishing them, but he couldn’t watch them all game long. I am not sure if they were really Street Children, they were dressed well enough, but it was also clear they did not have any adult with them. What’s worst is that they could be workers for crime syndicates, sent to steal stuff from the audience. For example, I noticed that they were horsing around too much behind me, and then I suddenly remembered to watch over my celphones, wallet and stuff. I showed to them that I was alert, and after than they seemed to have lost interest and moved on elsewhere.
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